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Mother in hotel quarantine cooped up in a tiny space with her son with autism.

Brenna Russell is staying at a hotel with her five-year son Sebastien. He has autism, ADHD, genetic variations of the NFIX gene, and seizures. He has been trashing the hotel room in distress and throwing tantrums. Brenna is struggling to cope in this tiny room and concerned about his safety. 

She revealed the ‘impossible’ reality in that tiny space. After four days, she says that is struggling to cope as her child is in distress in an unfamiliar environment.

I have 11 more days and I don’t know how I’m going to do it, Brenna told the news. His meltdowns have left Brenna with bruises and trashed the room.

She applied to self-isolate at the family’s home with her husband. Now, seven weeks later she is yet to receive a response from the government. 

This situation is not normal, we do not operate like other families, we need help.

The Health Department said it was doing everything to help families in such situations. The special health accommodation is managed 24 a day by the medical team.

This option is only available to those who require medical oversight or support during their stay. After a rigorous analysis exemptions may be granted for each case against the risk to the public.

All people that self-isolate are followed by the health department and the medical team for their needs.

They said only a small part of the exemptions allowed. Brenna is waiting for a response after 7 weeks in a tiny room. She photographed her room after a meltdown of her son. Is very difficult for her to cope up with.

We wish her all the best! Please take care of yourself and Sebastien. We love you! Everything will be alright!

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