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 Mother Gives Birth To Black Triplets, Father Bursts Into Tears When He Sees Them

Aaron and Rachel Harbert met on a blind date. Aron was born in Honduras and traveled the world as a missionary. While Rachel was from Mississippi. From the first day they met, they knew they were made for each other. 

The couple got married and wanted to start a family right away. Rachel couldn’t get pregnant for several years so they decided to adopt children. 

They started with two African American children named Ford and Catherine. They were prejudiced in the community, but the love they got back from the children was enough. 

They wanted to expand the family. They found out about embryo adoption and agreed on that. 

They went to an embryos donation bank and decided to take them. The doctor gave them unexpected news. She was pregnant with triplets. 

The birth was made by a c-section and the children were born. They were very beautiful. Everything they imagined and dreamed of. 

Now their family was completed, regardless of what people think and regardless of their skin color.

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