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Monstrous Guy Hits Girlfriend, Drags Her By Her Hair, Moments Later Karma Hits Back

Violence is unacceptable in any situation, but violence against women is just the worse of the worse, and everyone accepts that. 

Always we find it difficult to understand how people can do that thing, and why any woman in this kind of violent situation, where she gets beaten would stay in that relationship. 

But it is not easy to escape these situations and these kinds of monstrous people who dare to oppress women and use violence. So many times women feel trapped in these situations and cannot act to defend themselves. 

This monstrous guy in the video is not a normal person, as they were walking down the street he just grabs her and hits her in the face so hard and so violently that she goes down. 

But karma hits back. A group of men rushes down the street while seeing this and decide to act. 

They surrounded him and decided to punch him and teach him a lesson that he will never forget. Maybe he would learn how that feels?

The video quickly went viral and many people are happy with their act, so he got what he deserves. 

In fact, we should never use violence against people because violence breeds violence, but these acts and kind of karma balance the scales. 

What do you think about this? How would you act if you were in the same situation? Share your thoughts in the comments on Facebook.