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Mom’s Outrageously Strict Rules For Visiting Baby Causes Broke Sister-In-Law To Cry Foul

During this pandemic there have been different difficulties, one of them is of course having a newborn. Because it is very tricky to decide who could come to meet him and what rules to follow in order not to offend anyone and make them feel comfortable.

A new mom who gave birth to her newborn on Christmas decided to make a list that anyone who would like to meet the baby would have to follow. One of the most important rules was to have all the necessary vaccinations and not to feel sick in any way. Otherwise, they should not come to visit.

But these were not the only requirements. Also, they asked everyone to let them know a week before their visit so that they could arrange accordingly. No smokers were allowed to visit and they were also asked to not visit or call between 19:30 – 22:00.

They could only stay for one hour and were asked not to pick up the baby without asking first. The guests could not take any pictures and also could not wear any perfume or deodorant.

But there was, even more, they had to bring a gift card for the mother and baby and it had to be from an approved list. The guests also could not visit more than once a week and each time they would go to visit they had to bring groceries and also help with the chores.

The couple had a disagreement with the sister-in-law since she told them that she was actually broke and could not afford to complete all the tasks on the list. This is the reason why she told them she could actually do some extra chores instead of buying groceries or gift cards. 

The couple thought that if they allowed this thing for their sister then everyone would know and would ask for the same thing and the same treatment. This is why they said no to her request. She begged them but the couple decided to act this way and replied no again.

The community online did not agree with this type of behavior from the couple. What about you? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section on Facebook.