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Mom Talks About Moving On After Losing Her Mother, Husband, and Two Children in a Tornado

In this article, we will see the sad story of a mother who lost almost all her family in a Tornado. She and her son Brysen were the only survivors.

Her name is Kuri Bolger and she is 33 years old. She and her family were visiting her mother Melissa Bazley in Winterset, Iowa when the tornado hit the town on March 5.

Unfortunately, their house did not have a basement and they tried to take shelter in a pantry. Kuri was hospitalized for 10 days because of a broken pelvis and a broken leg.

But the real tragedy was the death of her husband, her mother, and two of her children. The mother, Melissa was 63 years old, her husband Michael was 37 and the two little angels were 5 and 2 years old.

Kuri and her 8-year-old son were devastated because they lost their family in one single day. But, they are trying to regain control of their lives and move on.

Kuri keeps telling herself that she needs to be strong since her son Bryce needs her in his life. She will always treasure the beautiful moments she has spent with her family and of course, she will never forget them.

She is also happy to have a lot of videos and pictures of her family which she can look at any time she wants.

It used to be annoying for her when her mother was always taking pictures of any little thing that was going on around them, but now she is thankful for it.

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