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Mom Sees Newborn’s Face And Knows It’s Not Hers, Then Takes A DNA Test To Prove It

Everyone wants to be a parent, and that’s a great feeling. But sometimes we can face small problems that can change the course of life. This has also happened with the Mercedes Casanellas.

She noticed something was wrong and for this, she decided to do a DNA test. She was happy to have her son by her side after the birth. Everyone would be happy when relieved after 9 months of fatigue.

It can be a very beautiful but also stressful period at the same time. She was born by cesarean section but, her husband was in London. When she took her son by the arm, she realized something was wrong and told the doctors.

However, they made sure that everything was in order and that no mess was made. After a few years, Mercedes began to suspect again. She was taking her son to the nursery, and when he kissed her on the cheek she realized, that something was different.

When her son started growing up he looked different. He did not resemble either his mother or his father. So the parents decided to do a DNA test and thus would discover the truth. But their instinct was not wrong.

The DNA test showed that the little boy was not their baby. All they have to do is find the boy’s parents and take their child. So the doctors started looking for the boy’s mother.

They finally managed to find him and, everything went very well. They were happy to be reunited with their child.

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