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Mom Of 2 Thinks She’s Pregnant: Instead “Gives Birth” To a Cancer Tumor That Was About To Kill Her

Lauren Knowles was a mother of one and she was super excited when she found out she was pregnant for the second time. She was in her seventh week of pregnancy when she found out a shocking truth.

Lauren suddenly started to feel ill and started bleeding. That is when she got sent to the hospital and the doctors advised her to perform an ultrasound. Some terrible news came later.

The doctors revealed that Lauren actually was not pregnant. It was a molar pregnancy that she was experiencing at the time. It meant that in the fertilized egg, there was present an additional set of the chromosomes of the father.

This made the placenta transform into a mass of cysts, because of a problem that occurred during the conception phase. Unfortunately, the cysts were malignant.

Inside Lauren, there was a tumor growing just the way a baby would have been.

She had taken several pregnancy tests and they all were positive as the hormones that were being produced by her body were the same as the ones of a normal pregnancy.

The tumor kept growing inside Lauren until one day she pushed it out of her body while she was in the bathroom. It was the size of a pear and she did it with no assistance.

She was then advised by the doctors to not try to get pregnant for another year. One year and a half later, Lauren became a mother for the second time with a beautiful daughter named Indi.

The family is now living their best life. Share your thoughts with us in the comments section on Facebook.