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Mom Is Shocked When Seeing Newborn In Delivery Room, Words Are Spreading Like Wildfire

This is the inspiring story of a little girl named Brenna who has had to overcome a lot of difficulties in her life.

It also shows how great a parent’s love is for their child and how unconditional it is. 

Unfortunately, we know that sometimes there are cases in which the parent refuses to keep their baby when born with differences.

But this case that we are about to see together is the opposite of that. 

Courtney and Evan are the couples whose life changed when they discovered they were going to have another baby. They were going to have a baby girl.

She was born a few weeks before New Year’s Eve, and it was shocking for the new parent to find out that she was in great danger when brought into this world. 

Their baby, Brenna, was covered in sores and could not move.

She wouldn’t have survived if not taken into intensive care immediately. She has to stay in the hospital for two weeks. 

Brenna had a disease called Harlequin ichthyosis and it makes the body’s skin 10 times faster than average. It does not have a cure or treatment and sometimes it may also be fatal.

Sometimes when Brenna is outside with her family, strangers ask them all kinds of questions regarding her condition and this makes them sad.

But the saddest part for them is when other parents pull their children away from Brenna.

Even though their life is filled with challenging moments, Brenna’s family is proud of her and gives her unconditional love.

The parents say that they love their daughter no matter what and will always be her biggest support.

Courtney has a blog where she writes updates about their beautiful family. She has also written a book about Brenna.

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