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Mom Is Left Infuriated After Her Son’s School Snack Is Thrown Away By Teacher

To maintain a good physical condition it is essential to eat healthily and that is not easy.

We all have busy schedules and it is difficult to find the time to prepare healthy meals.

We encourage healthy eating from a young age so this becomes a normal way for your children.

A mother complained because her son’s school staff threw his lunch in the bin as unhealthy.

The school started serving healthy food to the children and asked parents to support them on this idea and be careful about what they put in children’s lunch boxes.

This mom packed her son banana bread because he liked it very much. But the teacher considered it unhealthy and in front of the whole class threw it in the trash.

The little boy cried and was very upset all day. His mother was enraged that her son had to go through that.

Thirty other parents experienced the same thing and their children were left without lunch.

They think that this is inside their policies to take away food from the children.

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