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Mom Is Hit With Stunning Truth After Snapping Pic Of Boy Her Daughter Met On Beach

In 1992 there were some infamous riots in Los Angeles that started because the police beat up Rodney King. 

King made a very beautiful question at the time. He asked all the people why couldn’t we get along. 

About 30 years later this question still pounds the minds of people. And as 50% of Americans believe, racism is one of the main reasons. 

But, in this article, we will see that thankfully there is still hope. Love What Matters is a Facebook group with more than 3 million users. 

One of these users, Ayanna Toye Barrows shared a beautiful photograph where her African-American daughter was at the beach with a white boy while the sun was setting.

The mother and daughter were just enjoying their afternoon at the beach when this little boy approached them. 

He approached her daughter and they exchanged names and seemed like they knew each other for a long time. 

They also talked about how a cute shark took the necklace that he had, which was the source of his superpowers.

The purpose of Love What Matters is to share hope and love all around the world. 

The picture that Barrows shared is exactly the combination of these two. Proof of that is the 10.000 comments that the picture received. 

The comments were all positive and filled with inspirational energy. They wished more people were this innocent and pure just like kids are. 

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