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Mom Gives Birth To Angry Baby, But What She Realized Shocked Her!!

For people falling pregnant can take years and for others it just happens unexpectedly. We never know when one of our friends will become pregnant. 

As for Hollie Walls, she wasn’t expecting a baby and was shocked with the news. She had two sons from a previous marriage and wanted to have a child with her current husband. 

In the beginning I didn’t want to tell my husband because it would be as other disappointments we had all these times. 

In my last visit before the day, in the ultrasound check, the doctor said that he couldn’t find any amniotic fluid. She was diagnosed with Oligohydramnios, and it was the first time she heard about it. 

The baby was really healthy. After a couple of days, the baby gave some different movements, and a mother’s intuition knew something was wrong. I went to the hospital, and with this emergency, every nurse possible came to my room. My baby’s heartbeat was dropping, with a c-section the only way to get her out. 

She delivered her safe, and named Winter Josephine. In the beginning she looked so angry. I laughed as I was imagining that my baby was saying; put me back in there, I was staying comfortable. 

Two weeks later she realized how dangerous this can be.