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Mom Gave Birth After a 40-Hour Labor

The pregnancy journey is one of a woman’s most beautiful and special moments. Women experience pregnancy differently because their bodies are built differently. Someone can be more assertive, someone can be weaker. Therefore, no woman should be prejudiced during pregnancy, especially this mom after 40 hours of labor.

This is the story of Nicole Ziesemer, 31 years old, from Michigan, the USA who was surprised by what happened in the delivery room. It all started when she told the doctors that she was feeling great pain after giving birth. This was unbelievable and the doctors searched for the cause of these pains. You won’t believe what happened.

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When the doctors went to sew up the 31-year-old’s vagina, there was another head. She had given birth to not one, but two children, a girl, and a boy. Even though the mother spent 40 hours in the delivery room, she says that she feels relieved. Her pain was eased after they were reunited with their son.

The surprise after 40 hours of labor

Mother and father were very surprised as they were not expecting two children. 59 minutes after his sister, Cade was born, weighing 5 kilograms. Nena showed that she was happy but she still couldn’t believe her eyes. She said that she was not yet ready to call herself a mother and it would be strange for her to raise a child. But the surprise was that she gave birth to two children and now shows that she feels better.

They were not very curious about the gender of the child. For them, the child’s health was very important. The 31-year-old says that she was in a lot of pain and suddenly started to feel very bad. She was unable to speak or share her problem. She did not use sedatives but natural techniques of breathing and stress relief with a ball and cold water.

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Cade was taken to the nearby hospital because he was having trouble breathing. The couple was happy and surprised at the same time. They met in 2012, while today they live together and were blessed with two children.