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Mom Felt Weird After Giving Birth, Doctors Were Shocked After Ultrasound Scan

Ben and Eliza Curby had been together for a couple of months when they received the news about Eliza’s pregnancy.

They couldn’t be happier to start a family and have children together, as this was what they dreamed of.

They were eager to meet their first child who was going to be a girl. She came to this world healthy and brought joy to the couple’s life.

Eliza started to feel odd just weeks after she gave birth. Something was wrong with her body, but she couldn’t figure out what.

She was feeling exhausted and was experiencing dizziness most of the time. She couldn’t be pregnant again as her little baby was only six weeks old.

Eliza was trying to figure out what was happening to her, and she did a scan. The ultrasound scan revealed to her a big and unexpected surprise. She was going to have another baby!

They were shocked to know that in fact, they were expecting twins. Her second pregnancy went smoothly as the first one and she delivered two baby boys 36 weeks after.

They were born healthy and added joy to the family. Having three children isn’t an easy task, but comparing it to the joy they give to you, it is really worth it.

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