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Missouri Teacher, 23 Who Married Her Student Lover, 19 To Avoid Jail Now Has A Baby With Him

In February of 2019, a teacher from Missouri was arrested and charged for having interco*rse with one of her students. She was able to have these accusations discharged since she later married the student. 

The teacher was 23 years old when this happened back in 2019 and the student was 18. They are now married and also have a baby. This prohibits the law from taking any actions against them, except taking away the teacher’s license. 

Baylee A. Turner is the name of the teacher we are talking about. Her marriage with the student saved her from the charges she was accused of.

Their relationship was investigated by the Police Department of Jasper County. It was reported at that time that the teacher and her student had had interco*rse at the teacher’s house in Sarcoxie. 

Now, the student is 22 years old and Baylee is 26. They brought to life their first child in February of 2020, after getting married in May of the same year of the scandal. 

The law states that the ex-student who is now Baylee’s husband can no longer testify against his wife, being that they are now married. So the charges were dropped. 

When the charges were not dropped yet, Baylee was facing up to four years of prison. She was also prohibited by the court from contacting people that were younger than 16 years old. 

The state of Missouri had a law that prohibits the school employees, officials or even volunteers from having intercourse with their students, no matter how old they are, and even if there is mutual consent. In 2019, after the arrest, Baylee herself resigned from her job as a teacher. 

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