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Michigan Brothers Exonerated And Reunited After 25+ Years In Prison

George and Melvin DeJesus are two brothers who were sentenced to life in prison for a crime that neither of them committed. They have been released after 25 years in prison.

The brothers described the day that they were set free as the best day of their lives. During their stay in prison, the brothers were put in different facilities.

They met after 25 years and said that they had waited a long time for this day and that it finally came.

In 1997 the two brothers were arrested and convicted of murder. They were charged with the murder of Margaret Midkiff that happened in 1995.

They were also charged with a felony regarding firearms. They both had alibis but they were sent to prison for life anyhow.

When Midkiff was announced dead, there was evidence that linked to the crime by a man named Brandon Gohagen. Brandon was a convicted rapist.

Brandon initially defended the brothers but then he changed his statement and said that the brothers were the ones that made him assault the victim sexually. He also said that the brothers violated and beat the victim.

Brandon had a history of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse by other women. He had violated in these ways other 12 women.

The testimony that Brandon gave against the brothers made him gain a better sentence.

Only after 25 years was it possible to prove that the brothers were never guilty of this crime.

We hope they can adjust as fast as possible to their freedom and gain control of their lives.

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