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Michael J. Fox And Wife Tracy Share Secret To Long Marriage And Reveal Parkinson’s Battle

When you hear someone speak of relationships and marriages between celebrities, it is common to think that they do not last long.

For every couple, it is special to celebrate an anniversary together, but with celebrities, it is, even more, special because these occasions are very rare.

Michael J.Fox and Tracy Pollan are a couple that has been married for more than 32 years.

They met on the set of the show “Family Ties”.

The characters they played on the show were also in a relationship. They played Alex and Ellen.

Michael was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease when he was still very young.

It happened right after he got married and became a father for the first time.

His biggest support was his wife Tracy. They both are doing a lot of work to raise funds for research on Parkinson’s disease.

Both Michael and Tracy have a great sense of humor and share similar views on life.

They have always been by each other’s side and have created a healthy family. They are living their best life to the fullest and enjoying every minute of it.

Well-known actor Michael J. seems to be going through a very difficult period of health. Diseases are aggravating one after the other, and now it is learned to have problems with memory as well. He has suffered for a long time from Parkinson’s disease.

For about 30 years he has been diagnosed with this disease and has been taking medication for it. He was also disconnected from television for a long time. During this period everyone began to worry about him. According to the media, Parkinson’s has begun to weaken his memory.

We have seen famous actors participate in many movies such as Spin City and “The Good Wife”. He has also won many awards, and everyone likes him because of the positive energy he distributes on screen and in daily life. He was diagnosed with this disease 30 years ago at the age of 29. Although he tried to keep it a secret, it was very difficult for him.

During this period, he struggled with depression and tried not to stray from reality. Already the disease has progressed and is damaging his short-term memory. In the last interview, he gave he shows that he has problems with memory, and this is worrying him a lot.

He is aware that in recent years the disease has progressed a lot, and now it is very difficult to live as if nothing is happening. However, he feels optimistic and thinks that everything will pass very quickly. According to him, life is long and difficult.

Although it does not always face beautiful things, it must be lived. He is blessed that his family and friends are with him in this difficult time. He thinks this could happen to anyone. The Hollywood star shows that he lacks a lot of his work and energy. He is also participating in new projects and working on upcoming films.

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