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Michael Douglas And Other Kirk Douglas Kids Didn’t Inherit One Penny From Beloved Father

Kirk Douglas was a very famous American actor in the 20th century. He passed away two years ago in 2020 when he was 103 years old.

When he passed away, in his will he left nothing for his kids and they didn’t get a single penny from him. One of these kids is also the actor Michael Douglas.

Kirk was born in 1916 in New York. He was the only son of a big family and lived a very tough childhood. His family was very poor and he got teased for being Jewish but he was hardworking and didn’t let it bring him down.

While he was in high school he discovered that he had a big passion for drama and decided he wanted to be an actor.

He gained his first Broadway role in 1941 in a musical show. Then he started getting more and more roles until he became a legend. His breakthrough was in 1949 with the film “Boxer”.

In 1943 Kirk married model Diana Dill. They had 2 kids and then divorced in 1951.

In 1954 he got married to Anne Buydens and stayed married to her till his last day. They had two children.

All his sons were interested in the film business but the one who had more success was Michael Douglas. But unfortunately, they did not have a very good father-son relationship.

Kirk had a fortune of $61 million. He donated all his money and his family got nothing from it.

Michael Douglas also didn’t receive a penny from his dad, but we think he won’t be needing it. Currently, Michael Douglas is worth over $300 Million.

He posted a statement saying, “Kirk’s life was well-lived and he left a legacy in film and a history as a philanthropist who worked to bring peace to the planet.

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