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Melania Trump Says She Knows The Reasons Why Trump Divorced Ex-Wives

This year Donald Trump and Melania celebrated their 16th year together.

Before being with Melania, Trump had two other marriages that ended up in divorce and they recieved financial settlements.

According to Melania is a special recipe for being married ti Trump and she knows exactly why his marriages ended.

She reveals the truth about these marriages. She had strong opinions about Ivana and Marla Maples, former wives of Donald Trump and why they failed their husband.

Melania was asked why she didn’t use his name to promote her brands. Trump is not that kind of husband who cheeres on his wife’s career.

Melania told that the secret of her long marriage with Trump is that she is completely different from other former wives.

She believes that former wives put pressure on their husband and this is why they ended up being divorced.