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Meghan And Harry Under Immense Financial Pressure Fighting Against The Clock

Harry And Meghan settled in the US. in March 2020, and last month they announced the birth of their daughter Lilibet. Now they are focusing on their career.

Their aim is Hollywood. They signed deals with Netflix and Spotify, but even though their lifestyle doesn’t come cheap, and might cause a financial problem. 

According to Daniela Elser, a Royal commentator, they are fighting against the clock, and if they do not achieve success they can be left with nothing. 

They choose fame over family, says Christina Garibaldi. William feels that he has got too big for his boots since aiming for Hollywood and moving to California. 

Daniela Elser said that the couple has a lot to prove after their multimillion-dollar deals. They at least have to prove they are worth the investment. 

They have a very luxurious life with a lot of expenses.

We hope everything goes well for them!