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Meet The Plus-Size Model Who Inspires Others To ‘Feel Confident In Their Body’

Bella Bodhi is a gorgeous and cute smile model with a fantastic personality. 

She grew into fame sharing her images and inspiring other women to feel confident in their bodies.

The plus-size model is now 43 years old and has an Instagram account filled with her photos. 

She is a fitness and fashion enthusiast. 

Bella has also been featured on several magazine covers.

She embraces her curves and flaws. 

The Hungarian influencer lived in the United Kingdom most of her life and now she lives in Budapest in a family of American parents. 

She is beautiful, with lovely eyes and a fair skin tone. 

The 5’7’ inches tall model weighs 70kg. 

You can’t ignore her beautiful smile.

She has attracted a big number of brands worldwide as she has become a very supported influencer online. 

Her audience is just crazy about her confidence, figure, fitness, and more. What do you think about Bella? Share your thoughts in the comments on Facebook.