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Meet The Mom And Daughter Who Are Addicted To Plastic Surgery

Nowadays the pressure to look your best is very high for all women. This has made most of them feel not beautiful enough and it leads them to the plastics surgeries room. Some may start diets or start a gym membership and also they start taking care of their skin more. 

The most common one is having plastic surgeries. This is the story of a mother and daughter who are both obsessed with plastic surgeries. They live in the UK and they both want to look like Kate Prince, their favorite celebrity. 

Since 2015, they have spent a total of $86.000 for their plastic surgeries. When Kayla was only 11 years old, she started expressing her first interest in plastic surgeries. When she told her mother she wanted to have her first plastic surgery her mother Georgina was very supportive. 

When Kayla turned 17 years old, she started a job at a nightclub in order to raise the money for their operations. That is where she met her boyfriend who was also willing to help with the money for the procedures. Georgina was very proud and supportive.

Georgina said she was proud that her daughter was able to raise the money for their procedures. It was a dream come true for her. 

Some of the procedures they have had include botox, teeth whitening, lip injections, hair extensions, breast augmentation, hair extensions, etc. The mother and daughter said that they would not stop with the surgeries until they were satisfied with the final result. 

What do you think of excessive plastic surgeries?

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