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Meet Chris Rock’s Wife Who Has Been Married For 19 Years And Cheated On Her Three Times

Chris Rock and Malaak Compton went to court after 19 years of marriage. Chris admitted that he had an affair with three more women and one of them is famous. 

He got public attention recently for what happened at the Oscar ceremony. In 2002 Chris and Maalak became parents of Lola Simone Rock and two years later Zahra Savannah. 

They also raised a child from South Africa, Ntombi. They had problems like every other couple and separated ways in 2016. 

They felt like reuniting after meeting several times. Malaak worked at UNICEF and after that worked in a non-profit organization that helps women before entering the labor force. 

She said that her children were her priorities. Today Chris and Malaak are with different partners and the girls are continuing their lives. 

It may not have worked out, but it is important that you find happiness. 

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