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Market Offers Special Carts For People To Take Their Dogs When Shopping

Who has a Shih Tzu wants to take it everywhere, right!? Even a quick trip to the market makes us want to take the Shih Tzu with us.

From this feeling, a supermarket in Italy innovated a brilliant idea that, despite being simple, has been changing the way of refilling the pantry and refrigerator at home. The good balcony still brings more customers to the place: special shopping carts for dogs!

The owner of the Unes store, in the city of Liano, Gianfranco Gelantini, reports that he came up with the idea after feeling sorry for the dogs that were forced to wait for their owners outside the market.

Putting himself in these people’s shoes, he figured they’d be more comfortable and unhurried with their furry friends around. That’s when he thought of a much better option.

A few weeks ago, Unes started offering its own strollers for dogs. They have a divider that allows small dogs to walk through the aisles apart from groceries. In the place of the animals, the cart allows comfort by having a smooth surface, where they can comfortably accommodate themselves.

“Small dog owners no longer have to leave them outside and now have the peace of mind of being able to take the time they need to do their shopping,” reported Gianfranco. “The initiative was launched recently, but we can already see how much our customers appreciate the news”.

The place already allowed animals on the lap of tutors. But special carts have made life easier for many people as well as made shopping more pleasurable.

The cars go through a cleaning process ensuring the hygiene of the other customers and Gianfranco had no problems. Only at the beginning, did a dog starts to bark when being inserted in the stroller but soon it started to enjoy the ride and calmed down.

The genius idea is making the biggest buzz. Have you ever wondered if fashion catches on? Those responsible for other Unes franchises are contacting Gianfranco, to negotiate the possible introduction of carts in other units of the store in the country.

We hope so, this fad will catch on. If it is well publicized, it will begin to exist in many places. We, furry lovers, and also the commerce in general, can only benefit from the inclusion of pets in our routine.