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Man Shares Powerful Photo After Ten Years Of Sobriety

Sobriety is almost always a solution to different feelings that people may experience, such as hopelessness or even when they are feeling trapped.

It should always be celebrated when someone reached a milestone regarding sobriety as it can show that everything is possible. 

Terin DeVoto has shared his story with us regarding his long journey. He has also shared some pictures of what he used to look like ten years before, comparing them with what he looks like now after 10 years of sobriety. 

As we all may know, sobriety has a very big impact on one’s appearance. This is shown also by the pictures that DeVoto shared on his personal Instagram account. 

DeVoto accompanied the pictures with a written comment, saying that his case should be an example for people. He said that he wants to show everyone that you can still make it even if you have ad addiction. You can find the power to overcome it. 

DeVoto is grateful to be alive and is extremely proud of himself for being sober for ten years. Share your feelings about this article in the comments section on Facebook.