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Man Had Never Told Children What Work He Had Done

When we are just kids, we are so happy that we have food on our table, a house in our head, clothes to wear and we do not understand how all these are available to us.

We do not understand because our child head is focused on playing all around the house. When we grow up, we start to understand all the sacrifices our parents have made to make us happy children during our childhood.

A man had never told his children what work he had done to survive. It was his little girl who asked him one day and his answer was with his eyes full of tears.
He worked as a labourer and everyday back home he used to take a shower in public restrooms so the children didn’t see him dirty.

For the man it was important that his daughters go to school and get educated. He wanted them to have respect for their own life and not be differenced by others in society.

Every time he got his salary, he was into buying books for the kids and never a blouse for himself.

One day when the daughter was about to go to college her payment wasn’t made.
The man did not work that day either. That day the man was feeling miserable because he was unsuccessful and his co-workers did not start a conversation with him.

He was thinking of what he was going to say when he went back home and couldn’t make an effort to pay for college.
After finishing work his co-workers asked him what he had. They gave him all the day’s earnings.

He was so happy he ran home and only changed his clothes. These three older girls are now in college and pay their own way. Only the youngest girl works part time.
She gets time to help her father and his friends.

She knows the story and said to her father’s friends that back in that day they helped her become what she is today so she can feed them every day now. She has become such a great girl.

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