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Man Follows Suspected ‘Welfare Abuser’ To Vehicle, Gets Confirmation

This is not the first time such events have occurred. Recently, a Salt Lake City resident openly pointed out his problem with American taxpayers. 

He had gone to the Walmart store in the afternoon to buy something and had seen a woman using an EBT card. He initially doubted but was not convinced. No one knew if the woman really needed that card. 

He decided to pursue the woman and realized that his suspicion was real. He took some pictures of the woman and decided to post them on his social networks.

Vincent Janosko is now an American citizen who shared his opinion on abuse. He also told the story of his life. But how was this received by people? Let’s say it was not easy for him. This is not the first case of such abuse in America. 

It all started when the woman had made some purchases with the EBT card. She then got into a luxury car. This upset Janosko a lot.

According to him, the woman was not American and did not speak English. She got in her luxury car. She could pay for her own food. But she had chosen to get these foods for free. 

“I work hard and I never take a break. But I still do not have an EBT card to get free meals. My parents also worked hard. “I’m against the abuse,” he writes in his post.

But he was immediately confronted by commentators who disagreed with him. Some of them said that it was unfair to photograph someone’s private life. Others disagreed with him and accused him of racism. 

But Janosko did not stop there. He again addressed the commentators saying that their behavior was hypocritical. He does not support abuse. Janosko also points out that his own family was not American, but they were not chosen to have an EBT card. 

They worked hard for a while to become American citizens. He advises everyone to bear their responsibilities and not to support abuse.