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Man Follows Girl From Bus Stop Into Her House, But Dad Was Home

A man followed a teenage girl into her house from the school bus stop. He didn’t know what was waiting for him there. The girl’s Army Veteran dad was home and was there to take care of business. 

Mike Oliver wasn’t pleased when he found that a guy allegedly followed his daughter. ‘The door was opened and I heard my daughter talking, so I went to the door and I saw a guy there’, recalls Oliver. 

The teenage girl noticed that something wasn’t going right after getting off the bus and realized someone was following her. 

The man followed her onto the porch and asked if her parents were home. Luckily her dad was waiting for her to get home from school when he saw a man around 30 in his front door. 

The suspect tried to bolt from the residence but the army veteran wasn’t going to let him go. He stopped him and wrestled with him in the front yard. 

He escaped and Mike Oliver followed him with his truck. His son and the neighbors were involved too. The police came and they found him and was charged with breaking and entering and assaulting a police officer, with a bond of $10,000.

The teen is fearful for her life and doesn’t want to go to school. We remind parents and children to watch their surroundings and school children to walk with a group of friends and if they see something suspicious they have to call 911 as fast as they can. 

It is safer to stay on alert as we have very bad people around us. What do you think about that? Share your thoughts in the comments on Facebook.