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Man Born Without A Jaw Who Can’t Speak, Eat Or Breathe Properly Has Found Love With Wife

This is the story of Joseph Williams, 41, who was born without a jaw. He has had a difficult life where he has faced abuse or ridicule from society. 

He was born in Chicago and was diagnosed by doctors with the autophagic syndrome. Williams would not be able to talk, breathe or eat like everyone else. This prevented him from doing the same activities as the others. 

But surprisingly, he has found the love of his life. Nobody thought about that. This syndrome would prevent him from having friends. He was also adopted by a family. 

For many years he was bullied and despised. But that did not stop him from trying. He reveals that his parents were surprised and did not know this. He was a twin but his brother died before he was born. 

After the birth, his parents agreed for him to have some surgeries. According to doctors, he had to do some bone transplants. But his body did not accept the transplant and was not successfully performed.

He got used to the new life. The illness made Williams’ life even more difficult, but that did not stop him from seeking happiness. He tried to find self-confidence, travel to work, and live every moment. 

His illness was still an obstacle for him. He must eat through a tube that is located in his neck and connects to the stomach. The tube helped Williams breathe. 

In addition, he had learned to communicate in sign language and to write on the telephone or on paper.

William fell in love with Vania who was a young and beautiful girl. Vania liked his pure heart and decided to marry him in 2020. This was a big surprise for everyone. They need a lot and are living their lives.