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Louisiana Parents Facing Murder Charges After Disabled Daughter is Found Melted Into Couch

Louisiana parents left everyone in the community in shock after their negligence towards their daughter.

She died in the most painful way that no one can imagine. The coroner said that he has never seen such a tragic and shocking case in his entire life. He fell sick after looking at the house in which the girl died. 

Lacey Fletcher, 36 years old was discovered at her home in a horrific state. She was found melted on a couch. 

The coroner Dr. Ewell Bickham said that the woman had been sitting in the same place for years, and she had become fused to the furniture. 

I cried for a week said, Dr. Bickham. When I walked into the house, I saw the body basically sitting in a hole, filled with liquid stool and urine. 

The victim was covered in liquid feces and urine from head to toe. Everything went down to the bone and was crawling with insects. 

She suffered from a syndrome and was unable to move any muscles besides her eyes. Her parents were supposed to look after her. 

She had been left on the couch for a long time, and she was melted through it. She had been neglected for at least a decade, and it is the worst thing I have ever seen, says Dr. Bickham. 

Her parents called 911 after noticing she had stopped breathing, and the responders entered the nightmarish home.

After the autopsy, the cause of death was set as a homicide. The parents are yet to be arrested and charged with second-degree murder.

They can face other charges, such as manslaughter, negligent homicide, and more. 

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