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Little Girl Dies Tragically Days After Eating A Tiny Battery

Florer’s family had a tragedy they will never forget. Brianna, their beloved daughter was only 2 years old when she died tragically, but her story can prevent other accidents. 

Kent has been taking care of his granddaughter since she was born, while the parents of Brianna needed to work and left the baby in the care of Grandpa. 

He developed a special bond with Brianna and they were staying together all the time. And it is unbelievable how a small button battery took her life. 

The little girl had a low-grade fever before she was seriously ill, but that kind of sickness is common in toddlers. 

She started vomiting blood and turned blue. They rushed the girl to the hospital where emergency surgery was performed to stop the internal bleeding. 

Without the family knowing, the little girl had swallowed a button battery. The doctors said that the battery had been in her body for around a week. 

Parents should be cautious to keep loose batteries out of reach of children and be careful about other things they can swallow too. 

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