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Little Girl Born With White Patch Of Hair Exactly Like Her Mother, Grandmother, and Great-Grandmother

We do not know if there are chances that four family members have the same white patch of hair. But this is the story of MilliAnna from South Carolina that was born with the same genetic heritage that her mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother have. 

MilliAnna is now 18 months old. It is a debate whether birthmarks are genetic or random, but in this case, they cannot be. 

After 18 months her birthmark looks even better. She has a unique hair color and this is caused by a condition named poliosis. It causes insufficient pigmentation in the skin and hair. 

Her mother says that she intends to raise MilliAnna knowing she is wonderful and beautiful. What a beautiful and rare outlook we are seeing. It makes her unique! We hope the best for the little princess MilliAnna.