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Lexi And Danny Reed Incredibly Inspiring Weight Loss Journey

We all need to take care of our bodies. If we want to have a long life we ​​must stay away from bodily harm. But sometimes it happens that we do not have the strength to stay strong.

Many people have gained weight due to stress, lack of physical activity, unhealthy foods, and fatigue at work.

We will tell you an inspiring and true story. Lexi and Danny Reed, are a couple from Indiana who lose weight, believing in what they were doing.

At first, none of them believed they could lose weight. They got married years ago because they were very much in love. At that time Lexi was 485 pounds. She was very busy, so she had to eat out all the time.

She did not take care of herself, but only worked and in her spare time, ate unhealthy foods. According to her, the reason she gained weight was unhealthy foods.

She ate fatty foods all the time and had no time for physical activity or running. She was used to living that way. But together, the couple decided to live a healthy life.

They realized that the time had come for them to change something in their lives. After this decision, they started looking for a safe way to lose weight.

They do this by reducing unhealthy foods. But that was not enough. Sometimes they got tired. They searched on Instagram pages which could motivate them not to give up and not to get tired.

Initially, they eliminated their meals outside the home. Any food outside the home is unhealthy. They adjusted their schedules to eat meals at the same time.

For a long time following this lifestyle, they managed to lose about 400 pounds. They became very healthy.

“We started to change our lives. We were not at all satisfied with the weight we had. I decided to live a healthy life. Initially, I gave up food cooked in restaurants.

We learned to make every meal at home. We eat together and are very happy. “Apart from eating, we also go to the gym to stay healthy and be active in daily life,” said Lexi who is very happy to have lost weight.

She and her husband have shared on Instagram their journey of losing weight. This will motivate many girls and boys who want to live healthy like Lexi and Danny.

Lexi Reed, 30 years old, is an inspiration for many people all around the world. She has 1.2 million followers with which she shares her journey to a healthy lifestyle.

Recently, Lexi’s family shared with the public that she had been in a critical health condition for a few weeks. It was Danny, Lexi’s husband, who posted the upsetting news on her social media account. 

Lexi was taken to the hospital since she was not able to keep any food down in her stomach anymore.

The doctors revealed that Lexi’s organs had started to fail. If Lexi hadn’t been taken to the hospital that day she could have died. 

Lexi became famous online when she decided to share with everyone online her journey to losing a considerable amount of weight by balancing her diet and exercising regularly. 

When she met her husband she weighed more than 300lbs.

Danny was in love with Lexi as a person and did not care how much she weighed, but Lexi was determined to lose weight as she wanted to become a mother in the future. 

In 2018, after losing very considerable weight, Lexi underwent surgery to remove the skin she now had in excess. It was very painful for her, but she was determined and found the strength to overcome the pain.

Lexi was initially put into a medically induced coma, and then in dialysis.

Unfortunately, she can not walk for now but they are working hard to help her recover. Currently, Lexi was sent home since her health started to get better. 

Since Lexi’s family does not have health insurance, they have set up a GoFundMe page in order for people to contribute and help them with their medical expenses. 

We hope Lexi fully recovers as soon as possible.

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