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Learn To Leave Your Shih Tzu Alone At Home

How difficult it is for you to have to go out and not be able to take your dog. And having to leave a dog alone at home is not such an easy task, as dogs get very attached to their owners. There are breeds of dogs that are used to being alone when you are not away. I’m going to show you, the 5 breeds of dogs that are used to being alone at home.

Being calm and docile, the Shih-Tzu can adapt to solitude. As long as you’re used to it as a puppy. Otherwise, he won’t want to be alone at home.

Let’s go to the 3 Tips to leave your dog alone. Before choosing a dog, analyze its routine.

Anyone who spends a lot of time outside the house should think carefully about whether or not to have a dog. Know that when you are out for the day, you need to make up for your furry friend by spending quality time with him, taking him for a walk, and playing with him. Are you willing to invest your time to make your dog happy? He will do the same for you!

We were all very sad to leave our dogs alone at home. But in most places, pets are not accepted.

When you leave your dog alone, first of all, go for a walk with him around the block, for him you feel happy because after all, every dog ​​likes a walk, this will also make him a little tired. When you get home, start getting ready, but don’t pay attention to your dog to be able to leave the weather he wants to be alone.

Don’t give him much space to walk around lock the kitchen room door, leave a toy he likes. It is also good if you leave the radio or TV on, they are distracted by the sound that will make him not feel alone. Never leave sharp objects and hygiene and beauty products within reach of your dog

Whenever you are going to be away from home for a period, enrich the environment. Leave the bed in a comfortable place, hide treats and create an environment that encourages activities for your dog, so he won’t have time to miss you.

There are several pet products available on the market to alleviate the lack of owners, and so your dog ends up getting used to being alone at home. Some toys hide treats, which are released throughout the day, making your dog stay happy and always active even in your absence. half like a little ball, this will make him distracted for a long time before he can reach the treat…this process is called behavioral enrichment and it works very well.

Leave clothes or any fabric with your scent in strategic places in the house, so that he finds it and with that he is calm, the tendency is that he stays very close to the cloth taking care of him as if he were close to you.

The important thing is to gradually get used to leaving home. Start by going out for 5 minutes, then 10,15,20,30, and so on. So he will get used to your leaving, and they will end your routine and soon understand that you will return home. These tips worked with my dogs and also friends’ dogs, at first it won’t be easy. Sooner you will notice that your dog will be used to being alone.

If none of this helps, look for a trainer, who will surely have all the resources for your dog to be alone at home and happy!