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Kids Playing With Fireworks Destroyed 83 YO’s Home – “I Have Cried Many Times”

Fireworks truly are beautiful to look at, and we always use them at our biggest celebrations. But they also have a bad side. They are very dangerous with devastating consequences unless you know what to do. 

A family believes that kids that were playing with fireworks set their home on fire. This caused them to lose everything.

Robert Alexander Jr. lived his life in Santa Monica BLVD. This 83 YO bought his house after he got married, at the age of 21. Now everything is destroyed. 

He says that I have cried many many times, nothing can bring me back home. 

He still works and while at his job, he received the news. Children outside were playing with fireworks. It was a kid’s game that got out of hand. 

Their home is gone forever. Their memories and everything. When the fire happened the youngest child of his helped the family. 

Luckily his family is safe, but their home turned to ashes. 

We are really sorry for you Alex. Share and support them!