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Karen Grassle and Michael Landon Had A Fierce Dispute In ‘Little House on the Prairie’

Karen Grassle Drops Bomb About Michael Landon Saying He Made Disgusting Jokes On Set Of Little House

Karen Grassle is considered a legendary television actress with her role as Caroline Ingalls in Little House on the Prairie. 

The show is iconic still to this day. and people around the world continue to watch it. 

Many actors have spoken out about the atmosphere on set, and one of them is Michael Landon. He was considered a father figure and extremely kind. 

But according to Karen Grassle, things weren’t as rosy as they might seem. In a memoir, she claims that Landon lashed out at her several times telling disgusting jokes and mocking her. 

He was also of the belief that she shouldn’t get paid more than child actors. 

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