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Kaepernick Gets Offer From Football Team To Play Again But Demands $20 Million

The football player Colin Kaepernick had been supporting for a long time that he does not have an NFL task. This is because of a collision that happened between the owners. He was granted around $80 million US dollars in a settlement with NFL because he sued them for not providing him an agreement.

But Kaepernick was offered a deal to play with another group in the upstart league. It was the Alliance of Football group (AAL). This was his chance to play football again and display all his abilities.

All the players were offered the same amount, $250.000, including Kaepernick. But surprisingly, he refused the offer.

The press reporters were informed by someone from the league who connected to Kaepernick and broke the news that he was not going to accept the offer.

We remind you that in 2015, Kaepernick withdraw his agreement with the San Francisco 49ers.

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