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Julia Roberts Made A Serious Threat To All Beauty Companies By Posting This Photo And Writing

Julia Roberts made something clear and raised up her voice about perfection, that is a state of notion.
She spoke about how much makeup and aesthetics operations or extreme diets women follow to make themselves look perfect. But does perfection exist? We are always in need to fix something for ourselves but as she says is the soul who needs to be fixed.

How can other people love us when we don’t love ourselves, we should all standby ourselves and be happy with what we are. What it really counts is what is inside your soul, not on the outside.

Julia spoke about putting makeup on one day for photos but the next day she knows she has wrinkles pores, but she wants people to see it. She wants to stand for her real soul, on what you are, in the way you are, and to love ourselves in the way we are.

She posted this on Facebook and Instagram but later it was deleted. Her intention was to show the women’s how extreme these beauty standards are. She claims that people are way too focused on looks. It is okay to take care of your body, eat healthy, and do exercises, but what is not okay is filling up the face or body with Botox or surgeries to get rid of what aging is doing to our bodies.

We all are going to age. What she says is that it is so disgusting judging people through filters. For her it is pointless and we can say we agree with her. No matter how you look, always find ways to be a good-hearted person, help others in need. Wrinkles do not matter.

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