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John Wayne Was Buried In Private & His Grave Went Unmarked For 20 Years Although He Had 7 Kids

The famous actor was buried privately and these were the reasons for his death. He had 7 children and his death should not have been so hidden.

Everything happened very quickly and the famous star of the movie “True Grit” lost his life. He started his career with difficulty, but later became very famous.

He was a kind and loving man. He also found time to devote himself to his family and children. John Wayne was married three times and had 7 children. He died tragically and his children were not part of the ceremony.

He was born in 1907 and he wanted people to call him Duke. This started in his childhood. John and his family lived in California. He had a passion for stage acting and the world of cinema.

Life in California became more difficult and he decided to follow his dreams. He was very loving and had an active life. His parents said that they were very busy with work and this may have influenced his growth.

John wanted to pursue his passion for painting and enrolled at Glendale High School. He was a successful child and participated in school activities. In addition, he was also enrolled in the school’s acting clubs.

After his life became very difficult, he left school and went to work. He was a talented child and this would help him become very famous. He has done different jobs and this did not affect his character. He was kind and very hardworking.

In an interview, John says that he has also been a carpenter or a juicer, but he is proud of himself.
He took part for the first time in the movie “Mother and Macree”. But the movie “The Big Trial” would change his life forever.

He changed his name, saying that John suited him better. But John said that both Duke and John live inside him. He also took part in the films “The Quiet Man”, “Rio Bravo”, etc. He was a talented actor and knew how to portray his roles well. He had a character suitable to his roles.

He was married three times and had four children with his first wife. He was a successful father and this cannot be denied. Although he was successful, he was modest and hardworking. People loved him very much.

But his success had a terrible end. John was diagnosed with lung cancer. Smoking worsened his condition. For this reason, one of the lungs should be removed. In addition, his eyesight was impaired. His children were terrified by this. Cancer was the end of his life.

He started chemotherapy but it was too late. He died in California and was unconscious a few days before his death. His daughter Alisa says that shortly before her death, her father told her that she was his daughter and that he loved her very much.

After he died, he was buried in a place that remains a secret and no one knows. His grave now has no name. This is the reason why his family does not visit him that often

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