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John Travolta Opens Up About Mourning His Wife Kelly – This Is The Only Thing That Can Heal You

For John, this has been a tough year. He lost his precious wife this year in a battle with breast cancer. They were married in 1991 and had three children. The first time they met was in 1989. 

He announced; With a very heavy heart I inform you that my beautiful wife lost her battle with breast cancer. 

We will always be grateful to doctors and nurses that have helped her, as well as friends and anyone who was by our side.

They also lost their child Jet, 16 years old in 2009. He had a seizure at a family holiday.

It was not easy for them but John discussed his healing process openly.

Now he has his heart broken grieving the loss of his wife.

John is a great movie star, but his life is far from that. He had been suffering heartbreaking losses in recent years. 

He opened up about his mourning. Only your own journey can heal you. I have learned that mourning is personal. – He said.

We are so sorry for the Travolta family going through this. We hope everything is going well for John and his children.