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Jim Carey’s Savage Painting Of Melania Trump Has Divided The Internet.

Jim is considered one of the funniest Hollywood actors ever and has proved to be a remarkable actor.

He began his climb to fame with movies such as Dumb & Dumber and Ace Ventura.

Things have taken a downturn over the years for him, and here is why…

He starred in movies like Bruce Almighty and was drawn to dramatic roles.

The Truman Show role gained him a lot of recognition and he was famous and a roaring success.

Jim always loved entertaining the public and wanted to remain out of the spotlight, criticizing fame and obsession. 

He wore a bathing suit in 2008 maybe showing how the media behave toward women.

Things about him were so unsure how to be viewed but let’s have a look together.

It looks like his portrait of Melania Trump has caused a stir among the fans.

It was along with these words: Oh goodbye worst First Lady. Thx for nothing. 

What are your thoughts?