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Jessica Simpson Reveals She Was ‘Heartbroken’ After Pics Of Her In ‘Mom Jeans’ Went Viral

In February of 2020, Jessica Simpson released a memoir named Open Book, which has let her fan get to know her even better. Before publishing her book, she shared with her followers on Instagram how excited she was about it. 

Jessica has kept all of her personal journals since she was only 15 years old. These journals have helped her write her memoir even though she is only 39 and a lot of people think she is too young to have one. 

She feels proud of herself for being able to open her heart like this and let everyone in. 

One of the many chapters in her book is also the one titled: “Death by Mom Jeans”. In this chapter, she wrote about one of her performances in 2009.

The pictures that were taken during that performance, were badly criticized by the media at that time. She says that she was bullied, and body shamed by almost everyone around the world that saw that picture. 

Jessica reveals that what hurt her the most were the captions that the media assigned to her pictures. That is what really hurt her and broke her heart. 

Today she is more than happy and is going great. She has a healthy relationship with her partner and has three beautiful kids.

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