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Jeffrey Epstein Was Sentenced To Prison Several Times And This Famous Person Visited Him 90 Times

Before Jeffrey died, he was sentenced and during this period a famous person in the media did not leave him alone. Epstein was known for his investments, but not only.

He was convicted several times for sexual harassment of a minor girl and for prostitution. He also had relationships with people known in the world of crime.

In 2005 he was convicted of sexual harassment and three years later he was arrested for running a prostitution ring with minors. But he did not serve the sentence. He was a famous and powerful man.

This was the reason that he did not suffer any punishment for what he had done. The families of minor children had hopes that they would find justice for their children. But he did not serve any sentence for his crimes and why he deserved to be sentenced to several years in prison.

In addition, he also knew President Donald Trump. After a few months he was found dead in his cell and according to the news he committed suicide. However, there are many conspiratorial ideas about this issue. It is hard to believe suicide under strict surveillance in prison.

Even in the documentaries that describe Jeffrey’s life, suicide is an issue that is discussed at length. Part of the documentary that talks about him are also his victims. But what is more strange is the visit of this famous character.

Nadia Marcinkova is the famous model who visited him ninety times while he was in a prison before he died. According to information sources, he had “bought” her as a model when she was a minor and used her for sexual purposes.

The model at that time was only 20 years old and according to the Daily Mail she was a victim of his abuse. She had visited Jeffrey 90 times. She had been sexually abused by Jeffrey.

Today, the model is known for her cooperation in Jeffrey’s crimes, although there is still no open court session for this. Now she is a famous pilot.

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