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Jack Wakes Up With A Black Eye And Hangover, Finds Wife’s Strange Note, And Starts To Cry

This is a touching story but also very comical. Did it happen to you to return home drunk after spending a long night with friends? This also happened to Jack, who apparently likes alcohol and partying with friends. 

He had drunk a lot and was afraid of what had happened. He really does not remember anything from the night before. This made him think about what he might have done. Maybe his wife could have been upset with him.

But you do not guess what happened in the morning. He started crying and could not remember anything. He had consumed a lot of alcohol the night before. When he went home he did not remember what he had done and what he had said. 

He also did not remember how he had gone home. Alcohol really has a lot of impacts. Especially after the big holidays. Jack was married and when he woke up in the morning he found a strange note from his wife.

He had slept a lot and when he woke up in the morning his eyes were black and he felt very tired. However, he was afraid of what he had done and did not open his eyes in the morning. Then he decided to accept everything. 

But when he opened his eyes he found something strange that he did not expect. He saw the tidy room, a glass on the dresser, and some aspirin. He also saw in the mirror a note his wife had. “My husband came yesterday a little late, but it is not a problem. 

You’re a little worried, but I’ve put your breakfast ready in the fridge. Tonight I will cook something that you like very much. Love you”.

It’s surprising. When Jack asked his son what happened he told him he had made a lot of mess yesterday. He also crashed into a table and fell to the ground. Jack was amazed and asked why his mother had left a note of much love for him. 

The boy told her that when Mom dragged Jack into the bedroom to put on her pajamas, he started shouting, “I’m married,” “I’m married.” This touched Jack a lot and he realized how much he loved his wife.