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It Looks Like Alien Writing, But Only A Few Baby-Boomer Know What This Means

It is true that there are a lot of things baby boomers remember and are unheard of before the following generations. 

One of the long lost mainstays of this generation was Gregg’s shorthand. Only they will remember this style of writing. 

It was the time when people would take notes via typewriter or hand, and we all know how challenging that can be. To keep up with the human talking pace, it was invented Gregg’s shorthand. 

It looks like a whole different language, but it is a form of English and is very structured to be written fast. 

John Robert Gregg invented this in 1888. Below we are adding the details and the explanation for each sign. 

If you are interested to learn it and use, you can start by learning this essentials table.