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Investigators Find Foreign Object Shoved Inside 15 YO Teen Girl Who Was Found Killed

A 15-year-old girl went missing and the police discovered her dead body and realized she was attacked by four or more men.

The attack was inhuman and her lungs and liver were ruptured. The investigators were horrified to discover what was shoved inside her body.

She was brutally raped by a gang and died after suffering a ruptured liver and lungs. After she left home for school, she went missing and was found dead four days later with more than 20 serious injuries that tell she had been brutally tortured.

A massive search is going on to arrest the perpetrators. An object was shoved inside her, says the doctor.

Her body was found half-naked around 60 miles away from her home. She was found with wounds around her face, neck, chest, and lips wrapped in a torn shirt.

Her private parts were mutilated and she had internal injuries. She has signs of sexual assault all around her body.

Local police arrested two men and they confessed that they lured the girl to their house and raped and killed her.

May she rest in peace and her family find the strength to go on!

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