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Inside the life of Baywatch’ star Carmen Electra

The famous singer and actor Carmen Electra, was born in the year 1972 with the name of Tara Leight, in Sharonville. She initiated her career as a singer. Then she also started acting.

When she was young, she was quite shy, and found a great help in singing and dancing as she used them as ways to express herself. Her dream was to be a professional dancer some day.

She says she decided she wanted to be a star since she was a little 3 year old child. Carmen was lucky to have both parents in the music industry and they fully supported her.

Carmen started studying ballet, choir, and modern dance at the age of 9. At the age of 18, she took a big step and moved to Los Angeles.

She started performing in different clubs when in Los Angeles and that is where she was spotted by Robin Power. She offered Carmen to audition to be part of the dancing group for Prince.

Carmen was thrilled and found it hard to believe it was true. She was very shy when she met Prince for the first time. She auditioned for the part and he only got back to her after a few days. He told her her new name would be Carmen as his new song was titled “Carmen On Top”

She reminded him that her real name was actually Tara and not Carmen. Prince on the other hand told her that she looked just like a Carmen to him and that’s why he wanted to call her Carmen.

Carmen worked for him for quite some time. Then she took up acting and wanted to be in the movie Baywatch. She reached this goal in 1996. She was featured in the movie Baywatch and it helped her get very famous.

She describes it as a wonderful experience that made her change her life in one night. She is proud of her career and is now living a beautiful life.

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