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Innocent Man Was Given a Sentence Of 17 Years, But After Evidence Re-examination, Judge Ordered To Set Him Free

In the moment that a law is broken by a person or an activity, there are consequences to pay. Imagine being held in prison for years because of a crime that you didn’t commit.

Imagine that one day you are before a court for something you didn’t do and have lived your whole life living by law, respecting the others, paying taxes and one day you get accused for something you did not accept.

In this story we are living something like this. A guy named Richard Anthony Jones who was a wonderful husband and a loving father, a hardworking man for his family and home so nothing could be missed. He worked really hard that his home and family had everything they needed.

One day he was accused by some police officers and were the police officers that paid him a visit and suddenly he was accused for armed robbery. He described him self as a good person, humble and respected man and wanted to prove them wrong but without any finger print proves he got prisoned.

In 1999 he was prisoned in a high security prison. He saw that the system was against him. In the prison he was standing he was confused with another person who looked identical to him. They both had the first name identical.

After hearing this he trued to make an appeal with his lawyer but nobody listened to him. Later his executive representant showed to the court the phots of the person who looked identical to him.

They appeared to be sure that the culprit was still free. Richard passed his 17 years in prison without committing any crime and was set free in 2016. He went through a lot of things these years and one of them was not being able to see his family and his daughter, who is 17 now.

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