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In A New Extreme Surgery, Woman Who Aspires To Be A “Forest Elf” Gets Barbie Nose And Cat Eyes

All people want to look beautiful and show their perfect side on social media. Recently, many influencers and famous people are advertising different beauty products that give hope to many young people around the world that their appearance will improve. This is the story of a model, Mary Magdalene known as the forest elf.

Some people choose to improve their appearance through plastic surgery. While some others use creams, oils, or other cosmetic products. But one of the latest phenomena that have become very popular in the modern world is Botox.

Many girls and boys choose to transform their body features using plastic surgery. We know very well that anyone can do whatever they want with their body. Plastic surgery has become a well-known field of medicine. In recent years, it has developed a lot and many doctors show that the demands are increasing.

Some choose to change their nose, ears, lips, cheeks, chest, back, etc. The well-known model Mary Magdalene is known for plastic surgery. She feels good and thinks to complete her look with some other changes that will make her look like a doll. The 25-year-old from Canada has changed her appearance and declares that she feels wonderful with the new look.

She is passionate about plastic surgery and started this change at the age of 21. For a long time, she works as a therapist and exotic dancer. She also has 70,000 followers on her new Instagram account. She says that she has spent about 100,000 dollars performing plastic surgery.

The forest elf now

However, she feels happy because this job brings her big profits. During the pandemic period, she earned large sums of money by communicating with people or doing various dances. Her followers are of different ages and are passionate about the forms of Mary Magdalene.

She also reveals that she has always wanted to have big breasts and behind. But he is still not done with plastic surgery. Mary says that next week she will make some more changes to her face. She feels very good with her new look.

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