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If Your Man Says These Things, You Should Wonder If He Loves You Anymore

According to psychologists and relationship experts, some ways can tell if your relationship is drawing to a premature close. Everything lies in the way your partner treats you. 

These are signs that can indicate the lack of commitment and seriousness in the relationship. Experts have pointed out some phrases that could damage a relationship. You have to pay attention to the things your partner is telling you. He even might give clues about the state of your relationship. 

We are listing a couple of things psychologists pointed out.

‘You can’t expect me to explain everything and every detail to you.’

‘It doesn’t have to be my problem if it is your problem.’

‘If you do not like what you see, find someone else.’

‘I do not trust you.’

‘Do whatever you feel like doing. I do not know.’

‘Stop overthinking everything.’

‘I think I do not love you anymore.’