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If Your Kidney Is In Danger The Body Will Give You These 9 Signs

How do we know when our kidneys are not functioning properly?

The kidneys are very important. It cleanses the blood of toxins.
The kidneys are an important part of the whole body. The purpose of the kidney will be to wash the blood of contaminants and toxins. You get toxins while eating. The kidneys have a very important function. If the kidney does not filter the blood it starts to be damaged. Many factors affect the kidneys. Below we will present some of these factors of kidney problems and some of their symptoms

1. Insomnia
The liver has the function of cleansing the blood. If the liver does not function properly, it causes sleep problems. The sleep disorder caused by the kidneys is called apnea. If this disease causes you problems then you will need to be checked by a doctor.

  1. You have severe headaches
    The kidneys produce a hormone from vitamin D. This hormone makes bones stronger and helps build red cells. When the kidneys get sick it produces fewer hormones. This causes headaches and fatigue.
  2. Dry skin
    Improper kidney function causes dry skin. If you notice that your skin is dry and you feel itchy, it means that your kidneys have problems. Drink as much water as possible. This way you can avoid itching and drying.
    4.) Feel bad taste in the mouth.
    Toxins cause bad smell and bad taste. They also cause poor breathing. Therefore, you should brush your teeth often and clean your mouth. Healthy foods reduce bad taste. If this period lasts too long, contact a doctor.
    5.) Have shortness of breath
    If after a physical activity you do not feel well and breathe a little, your kidneys may not function properly. This happens due to extra fluids or due to lack of fluids. Anemia is also kidney disease. It causes poor breathing.
    6.) Your legs are swollen
    Excess fluid in the body goes to the lungs. This is caused by the kidneys. This kidney problem also causes the water in your swollen feet. Low water consumption can prevent the risk.

7.) Back pain
If you have pain in the chest or back this indicates that the kidney has problems. You will feel back pain from time to time.

  1. Eye circles
    Your eyes are more swollen due to a lack of protein. When the kidneys are damaged, circles form around the eyes. Get more sleep and eat healthily. This reduces the risk of eye circles forming.
  2. Hypertension
    When the kidneys are damaged, the blood pressure is also high. When the kidneys do not filter waste from the human body there are problems with the blood and the body. The nephrons must filter the blood well. Otherwise, the organism will have many problems.